Im sick so i really need questions! i will link to your channel!

Do people in Norway & Sweden have beef with eachother?[DOUBLEPOST=1464638545,1464638500][/DOUBLEPOST]And if someone said "aren't you Swedish?", would you kill them?
didnt see the last two questions before i made my video, so ill save them for another video :) But the answers is: we are good at skiing because we are unwillingly strapped to the things from before we can walk. Bears, Yes some places, And we have a massive Beef with the swedes .. both in sports and in general, we have jokes about the swedes and they have jokes about us.
Swedes are to Norwegians what Mexicans are to Americans Lol :p

Would not kill them, just look at them weird and say they were racist :p lol

Thanks to all of you for the help :)