Im confused....


I've Got It
I just watched a youtuber with 2 videos up on his channel about clash royale and he has 350 subscribers.

I'm just so confused how this has happened. Like, are clash royale videos that easy to make and to get a following on? It might be fake subscribers but on his few videos he has a ton of views and comments as well on them.

I guess i should start making clash royale videos... hmmmmmmmm
Or maybe he has been making videos for awhile but has deleted his old ones? I agree that is a lot of subscribers for two videos. But possible, all depending on the YouTubers marketing and tapping into what is trending in the world at the moment :)
Well TWO VIDEOS and 350 SUBS is a lot. He must have promoted a lot or maybe he had used the SEO tool properly to rank up his videos. Even if you play Clash Royale, you won't be getting much views, if you aren't using RIGHT SEO STRATEGY and Optimizing your tags.
He could've easily deleted videos, but if you were serious about uploading clash royale content then I'd like to suggest otherwise. Just do what you love, if you do what you love then you'll do the best you could possibly do IMO