clash royale

  1. J

    Gaming Clash Royale?

    I am looking to have some one collab with me on clash royale videos if you are interested. I would like to make quite a few videos with you think of Nick and Molt. Email me at
  2. sandesh shahi

    Gaming i need gaming collaborations of clash royale

    I need gaming collaborations of clash royale or other. I AM 16 year old. I want friendly collaborations guy. have to support in any time.
  3. JayyDaGawd

    Let's Play Clash Royale Episode 7: SICK CHEST OPENING!

    Hey guys! I'm back with another Let's Play Clash Royale youtube video! In this video I unlock the super magical chest and get some sick new cards!!! Hope you guys enjoy the video and if you do don't forget to smash that like button and subscribe for more content!
  4. JayyDaGawd

    Let's Play Clash Royale Episode 6

    Hey guys!!! Yet another new video uploaded to my channel!!! As usual if you could check it out and drop me some feedback that would be much appreciated! Also, I am only 2 subs away from 30 subs and that is my sub goal by 10-18-17. If you enjoyed the video drop a like and subscribe for more...
  5. JayyDaGawd

    Let's Play Clash Royale Episode 5

    Hey guys!!! New video uploaded to my youtube channel! If you could take a look at it and drop me some feedback that would be much appreciated! If you do enjoy the video don't forget to drop a like on the actually video and subscribe for more clash royale and call of duty videos!
  6. JayyDaGawd

    Let' Play Clash Royale Episode 4

    Hey guys! I have just uploaded a new clash royale video for my series onto my channel! Would appreciate if you could check it out and drop me some feedback! If you liked the video don't forget to actually hit the like button on the video and subscribe for more content!
  7. JayyDaGawd

    Let's Play Clash Royale episode 3

    Hey guys!!! I have just uploaded a new video to my channel! Its Let's Play Clash Royale Ep. #3: I AM UNBEATABLE. In the video I destroyed all opposition that was faced. Also, was ranked up to arena 2!!! If you could check it out and let me know what you think it would be much appreciated...
  8. JayyDaGawd

    Let's Play Clash Royale

    Hey guys! I am back with another clash royale video in my Let's Play series. If wouldn't mind watching it I would appreciate it a ton! I am always looking for feedback and ways to improve! Please let me know what you guys think and ways I can improve my videos or gameplays. If you do enjoy the...
  9. JayyDaGawd

    First Clash Royale video!

    Hey guys! I have just uploaded my first video back on youtube and it is a clash royale video! I made a new account to grind out for youtube videos and I just am looking for any feedback. Remember this is my first clash royale video, so it might be considered bad, but I'm looking for ways to...
  10. T


    I will play any android game. I normally play games like clash of clans, clash royale, Bloons TD 5, but I will play anything if u wanna collab.
  11. TheGameGateway

    Struggling With Clash Royale

    Hey there guys, there's probably either an easy solution or an easy answer to this which I can't seem to work out, but I've been playing clash royale for a little while now, I think I'm either arena 6 or 7 and wanted to start making videos on it as I'm starting to get at the very least average...
  12. Stan Tse

    Gaming Clash Royale Gaming Collab

    Hi there, I want to find a Clash Royale YouTuber (any size) that would like to collaborate with me on weekends. Reply for further information.
  13. Deathly Barb

    Made It To 50 Subscribers!!

    Hey guys I finally got to 50 subscribers and to make it special i made 2 videos to thank everyone!! If you don't know me, I am a 13 year old new Gaming youtuber currently I play Clash of Clans and Clash Royale but I'm open to any ideas! If you want to check me out on youtube and if you sub...
  14. Sambo Gaming


    Hey Clash fans! The game may come to an end! Watch video to find out more details!
  15. S

    Gaming Looking for people to collab with on youtube- mobile games- over 30 subs

    Hello, my name is Street Gamer and i am looking for people to collab with on youtube, mostly who play mobile games. If you are interested reply to me and i will reply back ASAP And the link from youtube below is not my channel but this is Street Gamer
  16. C

    Gaming Clash Royale Collab

    Looking for clash royale youtubers to collab with. Preferably Frozen peak or around there. Hopefully we will be able to collab. If you want to collab, check out my channel and comment down below.
  17. C

    Gaming Clash Royale or Fifa Collab

    If anyone wants to collab on Clash Royale or Fifa, hit me up. Im a relatively new channel so don't expect an instant boost of subs. email:
  18. Therealcrunch21

    Gaming Looking For people To Do A Collaboration on Clash Royale With

    Hey im looking for someone to do a collab with on clash royale. We can do like some of those challenges or something. Im only arena 5 though.
  19. Testing Your Neurons

    Feedback needed on my Video Quiz Channel!

    I make video quizzes on lots of stuff such as sports, video games, TV shows, and much more! I would like to have some feedback, if ever my quizzes are too easy/difficult or if something is missing in my videos. Thanks in advance!
  20. A

    Gaming Does anyone want to do a collab for clash royale?

    We can make a challenge video where we use all skeletons, or a challenge where one person uses troops just from clash of clans and the other person can use troops just from clash royale we can switch troops after the first battle these are some ideas that I came up with. We can reach each other...
  21. JayyDaGawd

    Im confused....

    I just watched a youtuber with 2 videos up on his channel about clash royale and he has 350 subscribers. I'm just so confused how this has happened. Like, are clash royale videos that easy to make and to get a following on? It might be fake subscribers but on his few videos he has a ton of...
  22. M

    Check out my channel!
  23. Raxzy

    Feedback For Clash Royale And Clash Of Clans Gaming Channel

    Hey guys! My channel is called Raxzy and i'd really appreciate some feedback on it. I recently started Youtube and I'm trying everything I can to improve my channel. I would like my channel layout and my latest video which I'll put below to be reviewed. Thanks!