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This Video is just 1 of 10 Top 10 video coming this year (This is no 1)
But i don't fell like my videos are been seen? Is it because they are really bad or could the cause be
a other reason.

Thank you for taking your time to read and hopefully review my small channel

All the best to you guys!

Some reviews is you have to work on body movement, very awkward looking and you keep doing the same motion over and over so be conscious of that next time. Try to talk with some type of energy, doesn't need to be huge burst of energy but just some type. You keep to be pretty bored/mono - be more excited and show more ranges of emotion. Besides that, good facts!

I also do this habit but the TSK thing needs to go. I try to stop doing that because it can sound very annoying. When you cut the scenes, make sure you are not looking off screen like to the left or top unless it has something to do with what you are saying. ALSO one more thing, don't use the word " LIKE " - do you know like _____ or hey like _____ .
Inaccurate titles are a pet peeve of mine. Those facts are the polar opposite of "unbelievable" and they have nothing to do with America.

Also I wouldn't stand directly in the middle of the frame for the entire video.

You seem like a nice guy though. Good luck!