I Got My First Mean Comment!!!!!

Congrats? Haha nice that you are taking it in a positive way! how are you going to respond back?
I thought it was hilarious after I got my first dislike and went around singing "haters gonna hate, hate, hate...shake it off" lol
Nice dude! It's always strangely validating whenever someone comments a mean thing. I got one that was like drink bleach and die and I was like awww bae <3
Congrats and it's great that you are taking it the right way, that is the most important thing!!!! :)

I have had some mean comments on my videos from trolls but i usually delete them and not care about it!
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Yup! In fact I just got my first one yesterday and it was FUNNY! It always happens on YouTube but certainly is amusing lol.
I've only ever gotten a single semi-hateful comment, it said: "if this is not 100% for comedy these guys are morons!"

I thought it was hilarious lol
theres a gamer quote i like to live by:

"Like in games, if you meet enemies in life, it means you're going in the right direction"
At this point I've gotten over two dozen mean comments, mainly about my voice and look.