I Got My First Mean Comment!!!!!


Happy New Year
Wazzzzup yttalkers =)

So the other day i got my first mean comment =) and after not getting that many comments i was happy to get one LOL Has this ever happened to you? Or am i crazy for being happy to get a mean comment, oh they called me a dumbfuck if you guys were wondering lol I work in retail so i am use to people being mean to me, i just laugh it off ;)
I rarely receive any mean comments which is quite strange. The last hateful comment I received was 1 year ago: That f****** got 600 subscribers.

Other than that, everything went fine until I purged everything.
when you get more, put them all into an evernote and read them out loud in a video (huge success to me :D) i did it on my vlogging channel
This is an awesome idea! Kind of like mean tweet.

I agree Goob, dealing with customers in general really raises my tolerance for mean behavior/comments. It's over 9000!
Congratulations! I actually feel like getting your first mean comment is a significant milestone! It still hasn't happened to me yet and I'm kind of disappointed about that.