How to split audio and the way I record my videos (Jackfrags method) PC


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Dec 14, 2015
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Making high quality videos with split audio
Alright, so I wanted to share the way I record my videos and also share a video with you which probably helped me out greatly in terms of video quality and also gave me more control over my audio recording. This allows me to have a separate audio track for teamspeak/skype that I can edit as well as my game track and microphone track. Rightio so I use Jackfrags' method of recording mostly because it gives me great control over my videos. This will require you to have software which isn't free though (Dxtory, Sony Vegas, big hard drive) which you may not be able to afford but if you want to see his guide type into youtube "jackfrags how to record pc games 2015" the video was published published on 21 Jul 2015. His audio setup starts around 8:40. The only difference between my Dxtory settings is that I use the x264 codec when am recording a game that doesn't have that great graphical fidelity like gmod instead of using the Matrox Codec all the time. This creates smaller file sizes for me that I can easily manage.

The alternative (OBS MultiPlatform):
I still recommend watching the audio section of Jackfrags's video because we can use it on OBS to split our audio as the audio software he recommends is completely free.
This uses more of processing power compared to Dxtory but is free,
so having a good CPU is recommended at least an i5 3Ghz processor but I recommend trying it out even on an older CPU because you never know. You can still record games that don't use too much processing power but I get huge performance hits if am playing a game that needs a lot of CPU usage.

This is probably the simplest and most easiest way of recording videos without the need to pay for recording software. Make sure you download OBS Multiplatform and not OBS. Setting parameters I use:

Note: Any settings not mentioned here leave them as they are
Output - Recording
Set output mode to advanced to see these settings!
Recording format: MP4
Audio Tracks: 3 ticked
Encoder: x264
Buffer size: 0 (use custom buffer size)
CRF: 15
CPU Usage: UltraFast
Profile: High

Output - Audio
All tracks set to 320 bitrate

Sample rate: 48Khz
Channels: Stereo
Desktop audio device: Your default audio device (If you have used Jackfrags audio setup then set it as VoiceMeeter Input)
Desktop Audio Device 2: Cable Input (leave this as disabled if you don't use jackfrags audio setup)
Mic/Aux Device - Your default microphone

Renderer: Direct3D 11
Base resolution: set to your monitor resolution
Output Resolution: Keep the same as monitor resolution for best quality or reduce it to 1280x720 for better performace (or even lower it more up to you)
Downscale filter: Lanczos
FPS Value: 60 or 30 depending on game fps

Audio buffering time: 1000
Color Format: NV12
YUV Color space: 601
YUV Color Range: Partial

If you are using Jackfrags method of audio setup and have trouble recording those multiple tracks on obs on sources you can manually add audio outputs by pressing the "+" button. Also make sure you click on mixer and assign each audio to its individual tracks.

-Now to start recording on obs you need to add a SCENE
This can be done by pressing the "+" button under scene
-Next thing you want to add is GAME CAPTURE
To do this press the "+" button under sources and select game capture and change the properties to your liking I've just left it as default
-If you've split your audio or want to have two tracks when editing click on the MIXER cog/gear icon to the right of sources and assign the audio names to their own tracks instead of being on the same track number. Also make sure you have enabled more than 1 track on the output - recording settings.
You can also add other sources like display capture (desktop), Video capture device (webcam).

I hope this helps some people and I really do recommend watching a start up video for OBS just so you know the functionality of the software. However if this peaks enough people's interest then I will be more than happy make a video showing you my settings and tips. However it is very easy to mess around with OBS settings to find the perfect settings for you and you don't have to follow a guide to the letter because I am always changing my settings to suit my needs. Also if I've missed anything let me know. Am pretty busy but I will try and give help when I can.
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