How to SEO - Titles Descriptions and Tags (Full guide with example)

great post my man. i think editing the SEO for titles, tags, descriptions is what i like the LEAST about creating content and also what I spend the most time on (aside from editing). I'm looking forward to down the road when my channel's a bit larger and I can breathe a little
Great post! thank you very much for taking the time to post this, very helpful and insightful :) Hopefully can use the advice to help my channel
That'sa great tutorial buddy, I wonder if there is any extension like tubebuddy that works on Maxthon explorer?

Thanks a lot for sharing this out.
thanks for the feedback. glad you enjoyed the lengthy read :). as for thinking about SEO before you even make the video. i didn't want to go too into that because for a lot of people, they just want to make the content they want to make regardless of if it gets 10 views or a million views. everyone wants their work to be found, but not everyone wants to adapt their work to get found if that makes any sense[DOUBLEPOST=1468245772,1468245557][/DOUBLEPOST]

i don't think you can really aim for goals like that. some videos will do better than others. some videos have a lifespan - for example a game or movie review will drop hugely in views after a month or so. some videos are whats called evergreen, a funny game montage or a comedy skit. videos that will continuously gain views and not become out of date.

what sort of videos do you make? whats your channel name so i can look it up?

Hi can you also check on my videos and let me know what am i doing wrong to my Titles , descriptions and tags? Help is really appreciated thanks!
Very good article! Having read through it, I've realised I'm actually doing SEO fairly well. But with some of your tweaks I can do a lot better. Cheers ☺