How to make easy Intros!


Hey, this is for all the beginner youtubers out there like me or maybe for larger youtubers who still don't have an intro. Anyways, I hope this thread still helps someone out.

I just learned this today but I gotta say it was really easy. The first step is to download "Blender" Link below. Next all you gotta do is try in best blender intros and watch away until you find the one you like and download it from the description of that video. The next step is open it up in blender and right click on the text to select and press tab to delete and type your name. Once done that scroll down on the right side selete the output ( i.e. where its gonna go) and change the video from JPEG to AVI RAW. You'll see what I'm talking about its right under output. After that at the top leftish click render, then render animation and let it do its thing until its finished. After that find it in the output location and watch it a few times if u want. The music didn't load in mine so I had to add some in in iMovie but it's all good now.

I hope this helps, link below!!!

search up Blender video in google then go to downloads and choose what you want, 64 bit or 32 bit
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