How to Capture Game Audio on a Mac for OBS?

Kevin Muldoon

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I've got OBS all set up to stream games from my iMac, but I am unable to capture sound from my games. This is a problem that all Apple users face.

EL Capitain appears to have stopped a lot of previously recommended solutions from working. I've tried soundflower, wavtap, and ishowu. None of them work.

Are there any OBS users here who use MAC? If so, what audio app or fix did you use in order to capture audio from your game window?

I have a Mac and actually managed to get it working with iShowU, however I am running Yosemite not El Capitain.
I know you said you haven't had any luck with iShowU but I thought I'd share the tutorial I used for it just in case you followed a different method or something.

If you just go on youtube and search for 'Chupacabra Tutorials obs for mac' (sorry I can't add hyperlinks) it should be the first video in the search results.
The video is called 'OBS for Mac: Updated Setup Guide & Soundflower Audio Alternative' and it was published on 29th April.

Hope this helps.
Thanks Irduffy. Much appreciated. I found it right away.

I'm running around today organising things in my house, but I will hopefully be able to follow this tonight and get it working.