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hi guys, i asking this because when you watch videos on how to grow your channel and stuff, majority of the time people say something like "post multiple times during the week", and i just think that might be a little to overwhelming for your audience and subscribers, but maybe i am wrong. I personally have tried posting twice a week, hmmm lets just say that that did not work for me at allllll.
It depends. There are some youtubers who post everyday and they do just fine. There isn’t a set formula for success on YouTube. What’s works for you may not work for someone else.
Me personally, I post once every 2-3 weeks and I think I’m doing okay
For most channel types, I think it's important to upload at least once a week. IMHO, daily uploads is too much, particularly for new channels. I think 1-2 videos per week is the best for a new channel. Slow and steady wins the race.
I don't think you need to post multiple times a week. It's really just whatever you're comfortable with. It helps if you're in a niche category. Like some of the videos I do I am at the very top just because there are so few videos about that topic and I happen to have the better content for it.
Everyday is a bit to much, my old channel took WAY longer to grow because i was uploading 2+ videos a day all in 360p-480p (rarely 720 cos i thought my laptop was bad but it was just viruses) now i upload 2-5 times a week on my new channel and they are all at least 720p i reckon spacing your videos gives you time to plan, story may be king or 'emperor' but planning in he shoguns (Japanese military who ruled the emperor in the past just google it lol) if you dont plan its gonna be bad
I do agree that every day is not a good idea in the beginning of your channel. But consistent uploads are vitally important in building your fan base. At least 2-3 a week when your channel is pretty new or the numbers are pretty low. But along with channel consistency there needs to be word of mouth and other forms of advertising and sharing. The more people who know your channel the better. =]
I think it is in part niche dependant. Some niches it's normal to upload once every six months and others you routinely see people go 2x per day. The channels I pay attention to in my niche all upload 5-18 times per week. I mean lots of factors influence the point where the audience feels saturated, depends how good the content is, how fresh the ideas are, how much demand there is for your content at that time, how long your videos are, is it too similar to your last video... If I do multi upload days I try to space out by at least 4-6 hours if they are subscriber directed videos so they have time to watch.

Obviously you can't upload more than you have time to, so just do what fits in if time is an issue.

In certain niches there are reasons why you might want to do a large amount of videos in a short amount of time. Sometimes a hot topic like a new video game or something that's trending will only be trending or relevant for a certain amount of time and you might want to make as many videos on it as possible while people are still interested in it if it's doing really well. My experience with mobile games is that some can "blow up" for a brief window of time and you want to make sure you get your key videos in during that time because 3 months later you may not be pulling the same kinds of views on the same videos. That's niche specific to me, you just have to understand your audience and how the content they like works.

However, >There's no magic number you have to upload to start growing.