How Is He Monetizing these Videos

Frankly, this kind of comparison thread needs to stop. Far too many people are worried about what others are doing. There are any number of ways someone can monetize content. They could be doing it with permission, via fair use, via illegitimate manipulation of the content to circumvent ContentID, by network affiliation, perhaps the content owner is the one who has forced monetization, etc etc etc. And none of those things affect you in any way. We could spend years of our lives finding various channels and trying to track down whether they're legitimate in the production of their content and in doing so we have solved zero problems and all in all just wasted our time. Let the content owners and YouTube worry about whether people are following the rules. The simple use of copyrighted material says absolutely nothing about whether that material is being used legitimately or not.

Focus instead on how to acquire the rights to do the content that you want to do and whether or not it's even possible, because that has real value.
Yeah I mean pointless as it is, I understand someone making a thread like "How is this guy doing this?" I get that, it's unnecessary but I get it it can be annoying. But when you're downloading his videos and trying to upload them yourself because it bugs you that much... you're giving this too much of your own attention. It's not worth it. This doesn't affect any of us to be honest, I mean in a way it does because the system can be screwy sometimes, but can we DO anything about it? No, so dwelling on it is not accomplishing a thing.[DOUBLEPOST=1399064469,1399064413][/DOUBLEPOST]
Well now it IS my business. EXERCIZE THE DEMONZZZZZ
Stop it before Tarmack eats you! Haha just kidding, I like Tarmack, straight to the point, no time wasting. He sounds like he really will eat you if you don't listen to him, but he has good points. :thumbsup2: