How Is He Monetizing these Videos


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i found a youtube channel where he is monetizing copyright content, is there anybody who can explain how is this even possible


if i upload the same videos, youtube asks for commercial usage rights but he is monetizing them easily

Anybody know how he is able to monetize them ?
It's possible that this is either a channel linked with the official productions, or that all of the advertising revenue is going to the actual production team rather than him anyway.

The owner of the channel isn't necessarily earning money because there are ads on the video. This could be making money for the ACTUAL creator.

Another alternative is that because he is partnered with Fullscreen, the channel may be able to monetize the videos as soon as they upload.
i tried uploading all the videos from his channel and out of 10 (approx) 2 videos got monetized.

I am damn sure he is not partnered with any official productions as they have their own channel.
Just because there's ads, doesn't mean he's making money from them. They most likely got claimed, and all the revenue from ads is going to the content owners.
There's no reason to upload someone else's work. If it's asking for commercial rights your doing it wrong.
Frankly, this kind of comparison thread needs to stop. Far too many people are worried about what others are doing. There are any number of ways someone can monetize content. They could be doing it with permission, via fair use, via illegitimate manipulation of the content to circumvent ContentID, by network affiliation, perhaps the content owner is the one who has forced monetization, etc etc etc. And none of those things affect you in any way. We could spend years of our lives finding various channels and trying to track down whether they're legitimate in the production of their content and in doing so we have solved zero problems and all in all just wasted our time. Let the content owners and YouTube worry about whether people are following the rules. The simple use of copyrighted material says absolutely nothing about whether that material is being used legitimately or not.

Focus instead on how to acquire the rights to do the content that you want to do and whether or not it's even possible, because that has real value.