How has YouTube impacted your life?

Youtube itself impacted my life by giving me something to distract me from the stress that is college. It also gave me a way to vicariously live through other people when I was having a bad/boring day. It's sort of a nice illusion of a friend when you can't see yours.

Creating for Youtube helped me figured out some of the things I'm really passionate about. It helped me improve my editing skills and practice doing things like key framing and green screening. It helps keep me busy and provides me a way to express whatever I need to as well as a great place to record important events in my life so I can look back and remember.
YouTube really opened my eyes to the wonderful world of editing and filmmaking. After subscribing to a few YouTuber and admiring their work, I started making videos for fun and realized I had a real passion for it. I quit my job, went to film school, and now I have a job doing what I love. It's also a great community and I've met so many new friends. :)
Making videos and posting them to a place where anyone can see them has made me a huge amount more confident and really helped my self-esteem. It's exactly the kind of thing that I used to be terrified of doing, and yet I have done it and it's gone well and given me something that I can be proud of.
i think a lot of youtubers feel the same way as you do , its like pringles once you pop you can't stop :) , the more videos you make the more nobody watches hahaha for me at least :)
YouTube has dine so much for me. When I feel down or demotivated, I watch videos from some of my favorite channels. YouTube inspires and motivates me to do something with my life that I enjoy doing. I may not become the next big thing, in fact I probably will never get past 10 subscribers, but it is a hobby I can dedicate myself to and I can't wait to start uploading decent videos. :D
It's made me a lot busier, which is good. I don't stagnate. If something is going wrong in my life... it's not so bad; I always have my growing channel to work on. That helps me.