How do you guys upload more frequently?

Maarij Bashir

I've Got It
I make music videos for my channel, but I would like some tips on how should upload my videos more often. I try my best to upload 1 video a week. I want to be able to upload 2, 3, or more. How should I go about this?
It's helpful to record all your videos for the week in one sitting because it takes a long time to set up and put away all your camera equipment 3 times! Then when you edit (I don't know how long it takes for you to edit your videos) you can just sit down at your computer, edit, make thumbnail, and upload and you don't have to worry about recording more videos.
Try a different type of video to your music stuff, like maybe make a video talking about how you wrote and recorded it. That way you'll have 2 videos for every song. Then you can build of that and so on :)
My game commentary videos probably don't take as long as music videos, but I generally upload every other day.
If I am just doing a solo video (which are normally shorter), or just a shorter video (under 30 minutes or so), I'll record and edit/upload in one day, and take the next day off.

If I've got a longer video (my most recent collab video was an hour and 30 minutes :p), then I'll record one day, and edit/upload the next.

You've just got to work out a schedule, really.