how do you become partnered?

Jonathan Martins

Youngest First!
well as you saw the thread title you must know what this thread is about,, i have more then 500 subs and there are people with 500 subs that have been partnered.

so i wanna know how you become partnered?
thanks ill check out that thread, thanks :)
Having only 5 videos is not gonna help you man. I would release some more before you apply. And the cover of the Bieber song might be considered copy written material...although its pretty hard to hear the actual music in the video so you might be alright. A lot of us got it through they seem to partner us little guys more then any other network.
I was going to say...before you considered applying you should work on growing your channel and actual content first. If you don't have that many subs/views then networks will usually make their decisions based on the content. You have to put in a little work before you get to the prize, y'know? ;)
i dont think subs mean anything to them

from the three i talked to, they wanted like, 800 views per day or something like that

but most importantly it's quality content
you need quite a bit of most cases its 1,000 views a day and i think over 100 subscribers than you go to the partners website and apply and after a while you find out if your a partner