How did you come up with your usernames/channel names?

Interesting to read how you came to your channel names.
Mine is simply a mix of the topics and goals of my channel:
"Joyful" because I want to make people a little happier and distract them from their everyday problems while watching my videos.
"Creative" because of my poetry and other creative stuff (like Minecraft builds) I show in my videos and
"Geek" because of technology tutorials, software develoment topics and other geeky stuff I want to share in my videos.

Have a nice day.
Look up my username generator on google. They actually have really good account names. I used one for my reddit account.
I couldn't think of any clever name that was in any way related to my name or what I do so I just thought of something randon. That was golden turtles and it was taken. I thought that adding numbers to the end didn't look good so I added a number to the front as a word and FourGoldenTurtles was born.
I just took a nickname of mine, "Satoshi," then modified the beginning into "sir" because I thought it sounded cool. Sometimes I add an extra "i" at the end; it's a reference to the last two letters of "Hawaii," which is my home state in the USA.
We didn't really have to think about our username. When me and my brother and sisters were talking about making a YouTube channel, we always just referred to it as "The Skorys" (because Skory is our last time, so it's not exactly a huge leap from there).
Well it started with my gaming channel, 1Pokehacks. At first, I wanted to do game reviews for Pokemon hacked roms but then started doing walkthroughs instead then kind of gave up on it and did speed art drawings instead which is 1Pokearts, my current Youtube channel.