How did you come up with your usernames/channel names?

I've been using Tenacious as my gamertag on XBOX Live and PC for awhile so wanted to integrate that with my channel some way. When planning my channel I was thinking of uploading gameplay from other people but TenaciousGroup didn't sound good, I randomly thought of "circle of friends"! TenaciousCircle, yeah that works for me!
I created my account at first for commenting/subscribing and then started uploading videos to that, but really regret not changing the name now since if you type it into search it things you misspelled it.
I'm LemonLorraine.. when I was in HS my friend and I just randomly decided to call ourselves KiwiKrista and LemonLorraine .. kinda stuck as a funny name I use and now it's my youtube name. OH. and I love lemons.
I think our channel name is pretty unique!
Channel Name: RayMariMe (Ray-Marry-Me)

My boyfriends full name is Raymari, which is a combination of both his parents name.
I would always joke around with his name and say Ray marry me, and it caught on.

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Mines nothing special. I've always been TheStealthyOne in all the games and Guilds I've been in. And TheStealthyOne was takin as a Youtube channel StealthyForever Is (I think) a neat channel name I think users could Identify as ME!:)
well for me mine isn't the best i should of put more thought into it i orignaly went by greade8goofball cuz i acted like goof in grade 8 then moved on to Goofballstudios sticking with the theme but making much less of an expired name now i use the Goofballstudios channel but go by KdawgCreations cuz it has a better ring to it but indeed avoid what i did and make a name you'll stick with ;)