Honest feedback is appreciated!

ok... so If you ask for honest feedback here it is...

You seem to be a really nice person with awesome charisma and pretty too so I think you have a lot of potential to build your channel BUT content is a little bit below average.

1. You need to know what you want to create or build your channel about. You need something people are really interested to watch and that you enjoy creating. Sadly, 20 random things in your apartment is not really something people will look or want to watch unless you have 50K subs.
2. You can create SO much stuff with MakeUP and SFX. Show me a cool costume, show me how to do the makeup for a party or a cosplay. Teach me how to do makeup of lips or eyes like you did on Instagram. Something easy and quick to do that will spice up the Christmas season. Look for something minimal and not expensive to make and teach me what I need and how to do it. [I mean for your audience... I have no plans of using make up XD but you get the point)
3. You can also create a LOT of interesting content out of Social Anxiety... Tell me how to fight it, how can I improve, how can I be more secure, how you deal with the problem, give me tips and tricks.
4. Audio quality is below average, is not that bad but it can be so much better. Look for iPhone Plug In Lightning Mics on Amazon, they are cheap and should record your voice even if it's a little bit quiet.
5. Lighting is really important, I like the position and light of your third video. The IDEAL will be if you buy a Ring of Light or Softbox to record your videos. They are not that expensive
6. iPhone video should be enough with a good mic (by good I don't mean expensive, I use a 10USD microphone I bought on Amazon.fr and sounds decent) and good lighting (same you should find something on Amazon) A plus would be to buy a green screen for your thumbnails.
7. Thumbnails are decent but nothing special. The first and second thumbnail are pretty good, just put yourself there and add some big text summarising the video.
8. If you are going to do makeup, take a picture of you with awesome makeup or cosplay for your profile picture/logo. Maybe a picture from your instagram can do the job. Be different, be creative
9. Channel Art is also below average, use a cool background, put a picture of you on the left side. Name in the middle with nice font. Try something minimal that defines your channel.
10. The only way to get better is to upload more and more and more, that's the only way your videos will improve. Look at my first video, I sound so cringey, I'm so scared to talk to the microphone, it's a really bad commentary. But you know why people still watched the video? Because it was not thaaaat bad and because I was teaching them something new, I was informing them about a new update of their favourite game.... something they were looking for.
I think your thumbnails are looking better over time. At times it's a little hard to listen so with better audio will be a huge improvement. Some good natural lighting would also help to make a beauty shot looks great. To engage your audience better, I think you can show the end results first (to attract people to keep watching) and also get into a more 'exciting' mode while you talk. I am an introvert myself so I know how hard it is but I am sure that's gonna get you to the next level.

We are also just starting to vlog our crazy life here as well rehabbing an abandoned hospital to host travelers from around the world. LOVE to have your comments and feedback!