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I've Got It
Okay... So, I haven't posted here in a while...

201...! That was my milestone/challenge. (While I won't post the link here) I posted a video on my channel a while back that basically said 'If I don't hit 201 subs by 16th of January 2016?! I'm finally giving up YouTube and deleting my channel!' That video was made from YEARS! Yes, years of frustration and after I worked really hard in both producing and promoting my content I finally hit my mark and I felt what it was like to be... Whatever, it is that I wanted to feel... Greatness... Certified... Established, Connected... My feeling was hidden somewhere in these words.

The purpose of this post is a bit separate from just the announcement of my achievement. It is to express the true agony of transforming (or rather upgrading) yourself to becoming good. I certainly haven't reached my peak but, I'm definitely on par, if not better than, my fellow 'YouTubers' in my genre and sub-category.

Okay, so... The agony. When I started I thought YouTube gaming (yes, I'm a gamer) was about posting straight up content. 'Talk about your day or the match you're playing or anything to fill the time & length of your video'. It wasn't like that... Not one bit. "YouTube is about keeping the entertainment as you get your message across." That's what I learned as from watching 'Gaming YouTubers' & 'Gaming YouTuber-Journalists'. So, I did. I started adding a bit of over-the-top pitch and flare to my commentary. Speaking like I'm always excited! Trying to keep the up-beat tempo. A while later I started adding unique cinematics to my intros. Using Slow-motion, mainly, and other means to make my videos look 'cool' and appealing. It worked... For a while...

The problem was that I wasn't using them to their greatest potential and the topics I spoke about were always, un-interesting not because, the TOPICS were silly but, because, I realised that a combination of my silly up-beat voice and my bad script just did. Plus, the terrible attempt at my making my editing look more cinematic didn't help. Which ultimately made my channel silly and made competing, bigger channels be more credible because, whatever few or many I had coming to my channel. They would scatter away at the realisation that I wasn't someone to real trust or Subscribe to. So, after a few months of Hibernation (and around the release of The Division) I understood the meaning of 3 key words. Contrast, Sombre & Straight forward. That's when I became much better.

"YouTube is about keeping the entertainment as you get your message across by trying to be innovative and as much different in style as you can from anyone else but, not so much that you are idiocy land." That is what I learned after 3 years of being on YouTube. When people come to you they wanna feel like they are still in the realm of their favourite genre but, definitely on a higher level. They're watching something... better. Better edited. Better narrated. Better structured. This is where I'm at right now. Although I'm not better than everyone in my sub-category of my genre. I still offer something better than most and very much different from others in the way it is presented.

So, *Sigh*... I am still very much invested in this journey but, it definitely was an agonising ride (don't you hate when people use over simplified & poetic terms like "Journey' & "Ride". I feel like that is only what God supposed to do and we're so, egotistical and un-innovative that we don't try something different) Yeah, I do that from time to time. I might have ADHD... Anyways, I hope this has been somewhat entertaining to read and also, informative. If it was? You could just head over to my channel and let me know by Subscribing!

This was MZ-101 and guys... See ya later... Next Time...![DOUBLEPOST=1492440980,1492440953][/DOUBLEPOST]Let me know of any Typos.
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