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I do realize my last post was a bit crazy on my demands. This one is simple.
1 rule
Be creative. No specifics, besides my social media things if you don't mind, just do it how you want it.
Message me on Skype to get the social media names and such, and that is where you can send it to me.
And please don't use my current logo because I will be ditching it sooner then later.
You will get a shoutout, a place on my sidebar and my gratitude.
Just use my email you should find it.
Thanks so much!
P.S I'll be accepting all submissions then making my final decision. So if you want to still submit go ahead!
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Do you have skype? I just want to give you my social media things to display on it.... check the spoiler for my skype name!
I'm still accepting submissions from other people before I make my final decision. I'm super grateful for all who participate.
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Hey man, Just sent you a Skype DM. You are able to view examples of my work on my post in the services section. I am able to adapt my design to any style you want and will work around what you want to see and/or achieve. One banner I just made:

Sorry I haven't closed this yet, but I think I'm good, I found someone who I feel like will make me a perfect banner for my channel. Thanks for the offers guys!