Freakin Related Channels...

Jacob Alsobrook

Yes, I have pants. Do I wear them? No.
I swear I am steamed about this... So heres what it is... On the new layout, they have this realated channels bar that in essence could be cool, you can't put anything in there, its automatic what shows up. But its not cool, at all. Before I took mine off my realated channels were LITERALLY the top six youtubers!!! Smosh, RWJ, Jena, Machinma, Rihanna, And some other person who I can't remember! This sucks, why one earth do we need to give THESE people more exposure!!! It makes NO sense. Thank goodness we can delete it from our channels.

And here is the dumbest part, when you go to delete it, it says "WARNING, if you delete this it prevents your channel for showing up in other peoples channel related section" Really... REALLY!!!! Whew... Well I'm done... IM DONE I SAID!!!! Happy place... happy place... ha-happy place..............
Yeah it is sad.. especially when your channel is not related to them at all in no shape or form. (I'm talking about my gaming channel)
Yeah I hate this feature. I've decided I ain't going to swap to the new layout until I have to. Which I'm hoping we all don't. Hehehe. But of course it's YouTube.
You should know that disabling it from appearing on your channel automatically disables YOU from appearing in that bar also :(
I said that, but it doesn't make any sense, because if they are showing Smosh, RWJ, and people like that. What are the chances anyways? Like nothing.