Does anyone want to do a collab on FUT 16 PC or Career mode? it would be like a challenge thing. Or a collab in GTA and do like races, missions, just messing around basically :) Anyone who wants to do this please hit me up! (Im only on pc but this dosent mean we cant do cistern things like squad builder showdown) :happy:
Hey i'm a PC gamer and i play GTA 5 and stuff... I would be up for Collabing.
but the thing is that i don't have a lot of content on my channel and i don't have so many subscribers...
see i only have one video and that's a non commentary one... so i'm going to upload a new video tonight with commentary.
maybe you can check that new video out tonight and just see if you like my content so far. xD
Hey there. If you are still looking for a youtube partner, add me on skype: alex_10_mihaila
I also got Fifa 16 and GTA V, Battlefiel 3, 4, and Hardline, etc.
Hey man, I have fifa 16 and gta 5 on pc and would love to play with you sometime! :) My Skype is DreaM_HD