1. I

    New concept on Youtube: Cruelty on Animals and it's Monetized

    There are thousand youtube channel with cruelty on animals from India, thailand, etc and it's monetized :) it's approved by youtube. Example:
  2. FloFloBear

    Birthday surprise: Almond and Pancake the Guinea Pigs

    Hi! It's been a few months since I last uploaded anything, but I have been very busy finishing University. I am back now and I have a really cute video to share with everyone :) Hope you enjoy watching and it makes you smile. Let me know what you think!
  3. W

    What’s the Difference Between Non-Violence and Violence?

  4. M

    Vlog All animal Christmas Photoshoot

    So I would Like to do an animal collab so I came up with this Idea :) A Christmas Photoshoot!! If you would Like to join here are the rules Make your photo as Christmas like as you can (if can) if you want to use multiple animals you can but 1 pic per animal :) Comment a download link for...
  5. M

    Request Looking for someone to make me a banner and logo for my pet channel

    I will pay in YTtalk and make a video showing the new logo and banner with a shoutout to you/credit in description for making it with links to your site/yt channel (if have ) What I would Like For the banner A drawing of - 2 Dogs mya,dodger two alpacas Robin and Dreamy my 2 cats sparrow and...
  6. Elysia

    VERY New to Vlogging

    I would absolutely love if you had any tips and feedback for the vlogs as this is (i believe) only my 3rd one and am still trying to get the hang of it! weather its music, content, message or what have you, let me know how to improve!!
  7. Tom theWildlife

    My Wildlife branding and Logo

    Hi guys and girls! So I have created a logo and brand for my channel as well as a trailer to explain to everyone what my channel is all about as well as hopefully being somewhat entertaining! I would just like to get some feedback from everyone on how I have branded my channel as well the...
  8. Rolz

    M&H are back at it!

    Hi guys, check out my latest video with my 2 yorkies, Messi and Hulk - they make me smile and I hope they can make you do the same! Also I make an important announcement regarding the next video! :D
  9. Rolz

    Here they are, in all their glory

    Checkout my two yorkies! Love them and hopefully they can make you smile!
  10. CorporalKilljoy


    This Dog has the right attitude
  11. hcetiny

    99 Animal Facts That Will Make You Smarter

    I am trying a different type of video for my channel. Relax and enjoy the beautiful pictures from our Instagram page, which include interesting animal facts that will make you smarter.
  12. fatfrog

    I went rock pooling with a marine biologist

    He may be my boyfriend but he is still a marine biologist. Anyway he took me rock pooling for a youtube challenge and found some amazing specimens. I thought you guys might be interested to learn more about the life in our rock pools in cornwall, england :)
  13. Mr Danny

    Cute Animals!

    *infomercial voice* DO YOU LIKE CUTE ANIMALS? If you do, watch this video, there's cute animals in it! If you don't, go to therapy. :)
  14. Fee007


    Take a look at this free hand zebra print design! Animals galore!!:kiss:
  15. SeanFace101

    Jak's 2 Budgies - Bella and Jinky

    Bella and Jinky the Budgies.. Here is a quick videos of my son's two budgies called Jinky & Bella. :D
  16. SeanFace101

    My Friend's Budgies - Cheeky / Charlie

    Mick's Budgies - Cheeky & Charlie These 2 budgies I recorded this video of when I was in my friend Mick Ford's house (well, his Gran's house). There names are Cheeky and Charlie.
  17. MVP Border Collie

    Meet Up/Gathering Dog Collaboration

    Anyone who has a dog related YouTube channel and/or makes dog videos and would like to collaborate and share some ideas in the Georgia area, please reach out to me at P.S. You don't have to live in Georgia to share ideas. We can still communicate in other ways to do that.
  18. SeanFace101

    My Blue Acara (Central/South American Cichlid)

    This is my Central / South American Cichlid and is a Blue Acara. :D
  19. SeanFace101

    Ramshorn Snails Eating Bloodworms

    My Ramshorn Snails Having Lunch.. Check out my Ramshorn Snails eating away at their Bloodworm lunch! I'v had these snails for a good while. I started with 3 of the bigger ones then after their breeding I ended up with many more. In this video you will get a little quick look at my Red...
  20. hcetiny

    Africa's Big 5

    Can you name the big five in Africa? This educational video teaches children the big five game animals of Africa. Also called as Africa's Big 5, Lion, African Buffalo (Cape Buffalo), Rhinoceros, Elephant and Leopard are the most difficult and dangerous animals in Africa to hunt on foot.
  21. hcetiny

    My first video - Animal Sounds for Children

    So here is the story behind my YouTube channel and my first video: My daughter Pia loves animals and is currently learning their names and sounds. I wanted to show her the real animals and their sounds on YouTube, but I couldn't find a proper video with real footage. All are with pictures or...
  22. darkstarmedia


    Smarter in Seconds is back with another episode, this time about the 6 main animal types - from reptiles to fish to mammals, and more! Perfect for studying or just a quick refresher before school. It's only (under) 4 minutes long, so why not have a gander? Animal pun intended.
  23. Maximilien Prins-Mills


    Does anyone want to do a collab on FUT 16 PC or Career mode? it would be like a challenge thing. Or a collab in GTA and do like races, missions, just messing around basically :) Anyone who wants to do this please hit me up! (Im only on pc but this dosent mean we cant do cistern things like squad...