Editing takes forever

Courtney Candice

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Jan 1, 2017
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Yep, I hear you! Editing sure takes forever, I take up to full 2 days to edit one of my recipe videos! I find it really fun and creative though but it does take up a lot of my free time when I'm not at my proper work. :D And yep technology is difficult for me, sometimes things fail on me and it will take me 5 hours to realise what the problem is before I attempt to fix the problem[/QUOTE
We rely on Technology so much and unfortunately when it fails everyone is lost
Yup. I've worked as a freelance editor and I have YT friends who are full time pro editors, and while you will get faster, it will probably always be the most time-consuming part of making a typical YT video.

For me, the biggest 'hack' is to have a really solid template down, or even editing 3-4 videos in a series on the same timeline. That way it's easy to copy and paste all the music, custom graphics, transitions, text elements, intros, etc. and it removes all the decision making when you have a very linear style you're working from. Only downside is it takes a lot of the creativity out of it after awhile.
It doesn’t take me as much as it use to, but it’s still very time consuming.