Destiny New series! (Question)

What class do you want me to play in Pure PvP!

  • Titan

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  • Worlock

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  • Hunter

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Mar 26, 2016
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So im starting a new series here soon called Pure PvP on destiny and i want to see what class not only my channel want me to play as but also the yttalk community too. because a lot of you guys are really good friends. here's some intel on the classes if you dont play destiny!

The Warlock is a Guardian class in Destiny that specializes in combining "magic" powers granted by The Traveler with modern weapons.Warlocks have long studied The Traveler, which gives rise to their ability to harness some of its powers.As the Warlocks advance through levels, their arcane powers grow stronger.

The Titan is a Guardian class which specializes in armor. The first Titans built and defended The Wall that protects The City. Their heritage is rooted in strength, sacrifice, and mercilessness. Titans can be distinguished by their heavy, full-body armor and swept-back helmets. The Titan's unique armor piece is a mark, a piece of cloth worn on the right hip intended to show their allegiance, lineage, or achievements.

Hunter is a Guardian class. Hunters are "quick on the trigger and deadly with a blade," so much so that they have earned a fearful reputation and are known as the "Masters of the Frontier."
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