1. courtneyandderrick

    How To Grow Your Channel - Poll

    Let us know the best sources you use to expand your YouTube audience/grow your channel!
  2. Chicken Tendies

    Good Youtube name?

    I am working on a new Lets Play channel and I am wondering what you guys think of the Name No Pants Squad? give me your honest opinions and vote please. Thanks
  3. Landen

    Including Bloopers In Videos - Annoying or Funny? (Poll)

    I have a theory. Everyone loves bloopers. It's why bloopers of every TV show and movie you know and love go viral. The simple "oh they're human too and make funny mistakes" factor is always enjoying to see. So I made the decision from the start of all my videos to include my filming bloopers...
  4. Pierre Maynard

    Vote For Aklas! (Party Broadcast Parody)

    WARNING: This is not an actual Vote, this is just used for comedy and a bit of fun. Aklas returns and this time, he may or may not have a chance to become next the Prime minister of Great Britain. With your help of course let's make this world a better place! Vote for Aklas you will not regret...
  5. Onister Gaming

    Destiny New series! (Question)

    So im starting a new series here soon called Pure PvP on destiny and i want to see what class not only my channel want me to play as but also the yttalk community too. because a lot of you guys are really good friends. here's some intel on the classes if you dont play destiny! Warlock: The...
  6. D


    Greetings! I am writing to you with a request. We shot a short film titled Kurent with intention of introducing traditional Slovenian mask and our rich cultural heritage to viewers across the world. Our video has been submitted to one of the biggest indie film competitions, My RØDE Reel...
  7. Sifoutv Pottery

    Poll about my channel...

    Hello Guys.I have Post a Poll to vote about how good you find my youtube channel.Be real and please dont press the very good ratings because the real vote help me to focus. Thanks for your time waiting for your vote and your comment.
  8. Sk Jony

    What is the best important things for YouTube Adsense Publisher?

    Sometimes adsense publisher don't know which method or things need for good Channel. So, here I suggest you all discuss this situation to solve this problem.
  9. Sk Jony

    Is my Youtube channel better for huge earnings.

    Day by day my channel goes down and earnings reduce. I don't know why this situation fall, please check out my channel and advice me what should I do now?