Creating own Youtube Partnership Network...

But he was telling something about full CMS Partner account.
Having a CMS account doesn't make you a Network :) You aren't even allowed to aggregate channels with your CMS account as it's meant for business/personal use only so you can only link channels you own or are your clients etc.

Once you become an MCN, you can aggregate anyone you want.
If I were you i'd probably start a sub-network of an already-established network. You theoretically could start your own network from the ground up, but that would be immensely more difficult. You would have to manage payouts, taxes, loads of other issues, etc. With a sub network, you basically just handle the tech support and help your partners, which is probably more of what you want to do. Sure you will make less (you probably just get a pay percentage per partner), but it is way easier. You could probably use it as a stepping stone to build capital for a independent network.