Copyright Help?

you're not getting the point here. If you didn't make the content and or don't have permission to use the videos then fair use is not going to save you against a strike or 3rd party claim if it gets hit, he may of put a fair use and review thing in his description or where ever but that doesn't save him either.
Then how are his videos still up?
Then how are his videos still up?
It couldn't be that he's doing something wrong and just not getting caught, would it?

If you are so sure of yourself and would gladly ignore the advice given here by experienced members, feel free to do so, just don't come back and make a thread called "Whai wos ma video rem0ved?"
But I am subscribed to this guy that puts that at the end of his top 5 videos and he doesn't have copyright problems..?
You don't know if he has any claims, or got permission to use the content.
And whether or not he got claims on the videos, you shouldn't upload it anyways. Just because others do it does not make it okay for you to do so.