Common issues that keep you under 1,000 subscribers


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Aug 10, 2016
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I actually came to understand these things recently from watching the various Youtube help guys. (Yourself included Tim) AND I took a step back and took a good look at my channel and realized I was making those same mistakes! So I've been working my butt off to: show people what the channel is about, why they should care, I'm now doing a different style of thumbnail and titles and it's working amazingly also I've been finding new ways to make my vids better each time I record. I have to say a massive THANK YOU to you and all the youtube helpers for all the info. I have a notebook that I've been jotting down all the helpful advice in and it's almost full ... I haven't even watched all the vids yet. ><

But again, thank you. =)
I need to utilize these same resources. It’s been quite the struggle but I feel like I can benefit the same way you did. Perhaps I’ll grab a notebook and start documenting the things I learn rather than just trying to absorb it. Which videos would you say helped you the most in learning how to improve your channel?
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