Coming up with new ideas for videos?

"Help My Potato" I could make a short film about a man giving a potato CPR. Please don't steal my idea before I have a chance to do it. I'm sure you guys won't, but still, sometimes YouTube is all about being original, and original ideas must be protected.

The CPR idea is HILARIOUS. VERY Original.
As far as people stealing ideas, it's become a business especially since the birth of the internet, with " Professional" IPT's ( Intellectual Property Thieves) searching the internet for original ideas, then making it their own, putting their names on it, selling it, from books, to comedy, to music, etc. It's well known.
Thus when not being a professional/established artist, it's best to just enjoy what you're doing, having fun with it for your own entertainment, gaining experience re. creativity, to avoid getting angry, ;)
I almost forgot, there are of course people close to me that inspire me, their personality, knowledge, whom i never forget to acknowledge, and there is this one, of course, too :)

I'd love to know what goes on in your head with a video named "Puppets have feelings, too"!
No offence....

Easy, it was inspired by an acquaintance of mine who gave birth to a new baby boy and her 3 year old son was jealous and said:" I don't want this brother", and was getting worked up having to share the attention :)
I thought to myself wow, let's play with this and see how my puppet will react to a new puppet. But it was at first done for the little boy :rolleyes: