Channel denied YPP again for reused content, content is all original

Just because Google and govt. says being a creator is not job means nothing. More to the point not every country has social security or minimum wage laws.

Unfortunately for you, it is both what Google and the government say which determine what is and what is not legally considered to be employment. And the United States of America, where Google is ultimately based, certainly does have both social security and minimum wage laws.

In the end if YouTube were truly employment, every creator would paid a weekly wage or salary; not just those in the Partner Programme; which would quickly bankrupt not only YouTube, but Google as a whole.

Let's all try to be more inclusive and end the cis gendered, Ameri/Eurocentric, whitesplaining in our posts.
Look at your own geographic location and say that again, please? Also I am an Afro-American living abroad; so definitely incapable of so-called "whitesplaining", as the last thing I could be is white. And where does gender, cis or otherwise come into this at all? Or race, for that matter?

I would say to you, let's have a bit less egocentric legal, linguistic and social ignorance in our posts.
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