1. L

    My channel was rejected for YPP and NO reason WHY

    Someone to help me with this?
  2. D

    Channel denied YPP again for reused content, content is all original

    After cleaning up my channel and deleting about 100 videos for "reused content" I reapplied, then 2 days later I got denied again for reused content. The new videos are all original and filmed by myself. If anyone can help me figure out why I'm still being denied, will be greatly appreciated...
  3. K

    Can i get monetization on channel again if some of my video games (gameplay) videos have music c-ID?

    Monetization on my channel is disabled due to reused content. I deleted lyrics and other copyrighted videos, but don't know what to do about gameplays that have video game music dettected by content ID. Do I must to delete music from them, or it is OK now and I can reapply to YouTube partner...
  4. UKHypnotist

    A Post Of Warning For Those Seeking Monetization

    Hello all, and I would appreciate it if one or more admins or mods would consider this post for the Pinned section. I'm not just a member of this and the official YouTube Help Forum; I'm also a member of the Medium social blogging platform, and that platform's Partner Programme. As such, though...
  5. P

    How do you apply YPP with music oriented channel?

    Hi guys, I have a channel on youtube that's focus on sharing and promoting music, much like those EDM channels but rather small. Now I'm wondering how do this type of channel apply for YPP, because the youtube creator team wants you provide documentation to prove that you have the ownership of...
  6. TheFreshBiz

    Spreadsheet to Calculate Performance Needed for New YPP

    Hey Youtubers, I found a thread on reddit with a useful spreadsheet that calculates the performance you need by Feb. 20th to stay within YouTube's new partnership program. Just plug in your stats (watch time and subscribers) and it breaks down your actual performance vs. recommended performance...