A girl collaboration with a '18+' tag would seem a bit confusing haha. :D
Hahaha oh man I never even thought of that :p[DOUBLEPOST=1366755519,1366755275][/DOUBLEPOST]
Ehhh well if you guys are interested that was just a range im totally ip open to it ^.^ soo change that to 14-21 no older /.\
I've actually really been wanting to do a collab, and I've really been wanting to do something more girly. Plus with a larger age range the big sister/little sister thing that you mentioned would be more apparent I think
Truee well like I said if your interested feel free to message me vent^.^ im open to new ideas or anything really and soo have I! Everybody is just so strict and picky with it and then im like uhhh nevermind /.\\ Im thinking maybe 6 girls ?
Okay well then its going to be me you and chazzayln ^.^ we have to find and audition 6 or less other girls but just like a mininu, at the least message us and subscribe tho :)
quote="Rok Abiel, post: 476945, member: 12035"]I'm interested haha[/

Girly Enough? :rolleyes: