Calling all irls 14-17 :) can all us girls say collab time :)?. I think so ive been wanting to do one for like ever and I think its gonna be soo sooo much fun. Basically anybody can join in on this . I theres a lot of collabs on youtube for girls but not a lot about girls like me. Basically if your wondering what this collab is gonna to be about its basically going to be about everything we go though thats why its under blog:). Like a big sister little sis collab . Our vlogs will be all week and you can choose whatever days youd like :) im open to any new ideas or opinions . The vlogs have to be about advice, girl advice that is, beauty, or makeup . Also girl tags every friday or whenever your day is to vlog :) if your interested please watch my video im about to upload to my channel and then message me.