Best YouTube Networks

Nice thread and information

but still, I am not sure I understood anything about networks.
My channel is far from being big enough to be part of any network (even adsense since I am not yet to 10K views even though I'm entered in this partnership) but I don't know what is a Network (in general)
If you have a youtube channel that your not concerned with the money, but just want the exposure - whats the best networks to look for? Just curious.
After reading I realize my channel is no where close to being put on a network and nor do I want it to anytime soon! This thread really had a lot of the questions I ask myself on a daily basis and gave me a ton of input and things to think about moving forward! Thanks!
So which one is the best network? If they don't pay more than Adsense then what attracts you to join them instead of adsense?
Hi. I have 18 channels. Around 2.4m subs when you combine them all with around 19m views per month roughly. I have a lot of experience dealing with networks and I can say honestly for the most part they are pointless. Really what you should be doing is getting a 0% revenue share and only paying them a percentage of any money they earn for you them selves. If they offer you something that can boost your traffic and this is guaranteed to be a fairly substantial boost then yes look at what that extra traffic is worth to you but have it in the contract that if the extra traffic dries up you do not pay anything or if you grow so much that the traffic is negligible then you have a clause to renegotiate the deal. Never sign up to anything long term. I am on all rolling contracts across 3 networks. The truth is all 3 networks have helped me out in the past for various things. In 6 years though we are talking only a handful of times I have called on them.

essentially you have to ask yourself what they offer. Ignore promises of better ads and all that. That is a straight up lie. YouTube determine what ads are on your videos. Any special campaigns will only be offered as sponsorship's to very large channels on an individual basis.

When your channel becomes large then negotiating a worthwhile deal can be beneficial for sure. As a small channel you will generally be completely ignored by the network.

I think the only reason everyone accepts the awful deals like splitting 20% with the network and stuff like that is because so many think this is normal and ok. It is not. do not hand them 20% of your earnings for nothing. Do not accept promises. Everything they spout at you has to be in the contract. if they say they will increase CPM's. Have that in the contract. They must increase CPM's to a certain amount or you pay 0. If they promise to promote you and give you 500k views extra or something per month. Have it in the contract and again pay nothing if they do not do this. Everything has to be in the contract or you do not have a leg to stand on.

Hope the info helps