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In this thread I am going to guide you towards getting partnered with the best YouTube network for yourself and your channel, the best YouTube networks are the ones that meet yours and your channel’s needs, the ones that have the best features to help you and your channel and the ones that give you the best rev share (revenue share/percentage).

Forget all of the network names for a moment and ask yourself the following before going ahead and partnering with any YouTube network, partnering with a network should never be a rushed decision, take your time to research thoroughly using YTtalk and you are likely to end up happy in your network choice:
  • How will partnering with this network benefit me and my channel?
The most important thing to think about is how will partnering benefit you and your channel, what will it allow you to do, how will it help you, get thinking like this and research well.
  • Why am I going with a network instead of sticking with Adsense/YouTube?
Many people choose to partner with a network instead of YouTube for all kinds of reasons, some people can't use Adsense, some people prefer not to use it, some people like the dashboards the networks have and the tools they offer you. Consider how you might or might not be better off with one or the other and weigh up the pros and cons for yourself and your channel.
  • Am I happy with the revenue share percentage?
When starting out, most networks will take a larger cut of your revenue in return for its tools and features, make sure that you understand that what is a small cut now could be a large cut in a year or two when your channel has grown. Ask yourself how might I feel about the same revenue share later down the road? Think ahead and be smart.
  • Should I be monetizing at this stage in my channels growth?
Many people rush into partnering newer channels and have been locked into very long contracts with very high revenue share cuts for the network some as high as 50%, this can be detrimental for you and discouraging if in the future you start making a whole lot, 50% of a dollar is 50 cents, 50% of $1000 dollars is $500, keep that in mind.

For some people monetizing early on is a good thing for them, they find a network with a low payout threshold and they get paid small amounts every so often which is good enough for them, not everyone of course.

Having pre-roll advertisements display early on in your channels growth can to some people be off putting, whether you mind or not is all down to personal preference. Me personally I honestly don't mind monetizing a brand new channel but there can be side effects such as people thinking you're only in it for the money, not that it is their business whether you are or not. Think this through first before going ahead with a partnership.

Some people prefer not to monetize at all until they are in a position to be able to negotiate their revenue share. Larger more established channels can be given 100% revenue share deals where the network only take a cut from brand deals sourced for the channel.
  • What features are important to me in a network and which features could I do without or find elsewhere?
Some common feature examples: audio libraries, collaborative tools, partner forums, extra monetization tools and opportunities, referral programs.

Many people prefer to use free royalty free music instead of music provided in music libraries although there are cons such as the free libraries being limited. Have a think about what features you value the most from the network.

Many people assume that when a network mentions channels being able to grow within their network that they mean they are directly going to promote them with advertisements, that is understandable but be aware that most networks wont do any direct promotion/advertising of your channel or content, they might however provide you with tools or information to help guide you in the right direction. If any does promise you this make sure to ask them how they will go about doing this for you and make sure it is in your contract.
  • Am I happy that my earnings will be worked out like so: Gross (total) Revenue minus Google/YouTube’s Cut at 45% minus the revenue share for the network for example 30%?
  • Am I happy with average CPM’s within the network for channels within my niche?
Please note that CPM’s are dependant on audience and niche so it will vary with partners in the same network just as with Adsense/YouTube. Ask around and find out if you can.
  • Do I want a fixed CPM (cost per mille - thousand impressions) or flexible CPM?
Most networks offer flexible CPMs which allows the CPM to be uncapped, most people prefer to have flexible CPMs. Consider whether or not you would like it fixed at a flat rate or not and if you do want fixed seek out a network that offers it, to be honest I cant think of one that offers them fixed, I just know they're out there.
  • Will I be able to contact them easily once partnered and what kind of support do they offer?
Find out their support options ie. phone support, ticket systems, skype, email etc which support options will you find best for yourself as you might prefer Skype support over email support.
  • Does the payment threshold meet my needs and do they offer payment methods I can use such as PayPal, Western Union bank transfer etc?
Some networks have a low payment threshold as low as $1 before they will pay you and others as high as $100, find out what the network offers as their payment threshold. Remember that Google's payment threshold is $100 or £60, see here for Adsense payment threshold information for each country/currency -
  • Are they reputable?
Getting a good idea for what others think about a network is always a good idea but be aware that online you will find more negative reviews than positive reviews a lot of the time due to most happy people not writing reviews at all.

A lot of the time people only speak out when they have had a bad experience so some networks will appear to have a poor reputation when really they aren't so bad at all, they just have several disgruntled partners.

Find out specific network reputations by asking at YTtalk what people think of the network, reach out and ask partners of the network at YTtalk if they are happy in the network. We are here to help and offer our opinions and advice.
  • Am I happy with the contract terms in particular the revenue share, contract term (length) and leaving arrangements, other additional terms within it and does it cover everything offered by the person recruiting for the network?
Make sure you are 100% happy with all of the terms set out in your contract, make sure you understand them all as legalese can be confusing. If you are uncertain about a specific part of the contract contact your lawyer or solicitor for guidance, if you don't have one ask a friend or family member to see if they can help you gain an understanding or ask the network directly. If you are unhappy with any part of it ask if they can remove it, they may be able to work with you on it.

All contracts have terms or term lengths, this is how long the contract will last, some are no lock in meaning you can leave at any time you wish with notice given, some last 6 months, some 1 year+. All of them will have instructions for leaving, some networks require 30 days notice where others may require 60 days notice. Whatever you do make sure you are 100% happy with the terms before signing, understand that a contract is a legally binding agreement.

Now that you have asked yourself these questions you can begin looking for a network that will be the best one for you, I have listed some links below which are excellent resources at YTtalk and this is where your research should begin, we have thousands of network partners and YouTube partners here and plenty of experience to share with you. Check them out and ask away to find out more.

Note For Larger Channels

If your channel is at a stage where you feel you would like to negotiate a higher revenue share with the network make sure to get in touch with someone from the network, ring or visit their offices or email one of their partner managers and begin negotiating your revenue share and terms. Larger channels can get more for themselves and get the most out of a network through negotiating.

Useful Partnership Information Links

What to Consider When Choosing a YouTube Network - A great guide by @Daniel detailing the things you should consider before going with any network.

Monetization and Partnerships Forum
- The YTtalk Monetization and Partnerships Forum is an excellent resource for performing network research, asking network related questions, finding out about the networks you are interested and everything partnerships related. We have many people in networks and monetizing their videos, industry experts and partners themselves, a massive resource of knowledge awaits you!


To summarise this whole thread briefly, read up well and research the networks you are interested in at YTtalk, see what is out there, find out how it will benefit you and your channel, make sure you are 100% happy and understand the contract before proceeding.

I hope this helps you out and helps you to gain a better understanding of what “the best YouTube network” should consist of for yourself, what the best network is for others might not be the best network for yourself. Remember, it is all about you and your channels needs.

Thank you for reading and good luck :)
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very helpful guide, I'm sure this will help many people on the site. Btw @Michael how many subscribers do you need to have to get verified on this site, just curious. Been seeing it around lately.
Yet again another awesome guide Michael :) Good job! A lot of people will find this very useful :) I found the going into the CPM and percentage rates particularly interesting.
That's some pretty usefull information, thanks for sharing that with us. I will remember it :). I'm glad people are actually trying to help out for starters, it's pretty nice off you and others to do things like this you have my respect.
That's some pretty usefull information, thanks for sharing that with us. I will remember it :). I'm glad people are actually trying to help out for starters, it's pretty nice off you and others to do things like this you have my respect.

You're welcome glad I could help :)