Beauty/Makeup Beauty collab? ❤


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Hi beauty lovers. is anyone interested in a collaboration? Looking for someone who has a subscriber account near mine, but open to inquiries.

YouTube: Beauty Script
Subscriber count: 800

Message me. xo
Hey girl I would love to collab with you!! I have a little over 800 subs. We could do a fun makeup summer collab video. Email me at[DOUBLEPOST=1467087847,1467087800][/DOUBLEPOST]Btw my YouTube channel name is Its Alli
Hello! I hope all is well, I only have 58 subscribers. But I have been at it a year and a half with Youtube. I am all about growing and getting bigger. I would love to collaborate with you sadly most of my videos for the month of July are all planned out and about to be filmed. Yay for being organized for once. But I have a few ideas to toss your way. (Also, since the private messaging here only works after about 50 posts, I thought I might just post here instead or if you wanna email me

So my first idea: I am think maybe our interpretation of "Disney Princess" And just go full glam, or minimal glam. How would they survive in our makeup crazed world. It could be a great series. Nothing something I am seeing a lot of, even though the gore that involves Princess is a bit intriguing but odd.

Idea 2: Our go to looks. We would have to do a little bit of chatting and see if they are too similar and what not. But one of my looks, I love to do is a golden eye. Its very wearable for work. And it takes me about 30 minutes to rock out on any given day.

Idea 3: I would love to get my hands on just playing in makeup. We do something abstract. We take a painting, or a few paintings from a favorite artist, or even a photograph and we get inspired for a makeup look if its something that involves full face face paint, or just the eyes.

Well, those are the ideas that came right off the top of my head! Let me know if you wanna toss in your own ideas. I am more than welcome to it! Ciao!
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Love the golden eye idea. Though they are all grwat7ive been thinking of a golden eye tutorial or something all week
Love the golden eye idea. Though they are all grwat7ive been thinking of a golden eye tutorial or something all week

Thank you. The collaboration ideas were originally for ClaudiaL. If you would like to talk more. I would highly recommend sending me an
Hi! I'm more than sure this is now closed but recently just started and I see your subscriber count has gone extremely high rapidly. If you could message me back and give me advice it would be amazing!