Beating Addiction - The Key to Cure your Addiction


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Sep 30, 2015
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Beating addiction is almost not possible if you don't fix the root of your addiction.

What is the root of your addiction?
The root of your addiction is your negative belief. The negative belief about yourself. How did you get this? When you were born you didn't give a f*ck, everything was new and exciting and you were as free as a bird. But when you got rejected, by your parents, by your friends, loved ones... a negative belief grew as a protection to the outside world. Because if you reject yourself than nobody could reject you.

This is a really really bad protection, because it always makes you feel bad and you always want to run away from it. You try to run away from that negative belief by drinking your alcohol, watching p... but the addiction will only make your negative belief worse.

In the video I compared it to a swimming pool, let's say you have a swimming pool and there is a hole (your negative belief) in your simming pool, the water will run away. And what you do is, you keep adding water, but the water will always run away so you need more of it. This is not an effective method, because it will cost your time and money and much water. You have to fill the hole.

How do you fill the hole?
You have to see that your negative belief is an illusion and that you still are the perfect human being you were when you were born.

You do this by an exercise:
Go and stand infront of a mirror and say your negative belief out loud to yourself. Make shure you are alone and say it to yourself. Don't say it with hate, love, while smiling... make your shure you have a nutral attitude and don't judge it. DO IT NOW!

After you did the exercises you will that you will get a strange feeling. Some people cry, some smile, some are reliefd. Try it out and drop your experience in the comments.

If you struggle with p addiction, alcohol addiction, drug addiction... almost very addiction has as root a negative belief. Seeing that that negative belief is an illusion then you overwin your addiction and get rid of the hole inside of you.