self development

  1. artiflex

    Beating Addiction - The Key to Cure your Addiction

    Beating addiction is almost not possible if you don't fix the root of your addiction. What is the root of your addiction? The root of your addiction is your negative belief. The negative belief about yourself. How did you get this? When you were born you didn't give a f*ck, everything was new...
  2. Brad Schooner

    Other Female presenter for wanted or self help videos

    Hi, I am looking for a female presenter for self help videos. Must be interested in the subject, be confident and clear speech. Looking to use for online course on self development etc. Must be 18+. If at all interested in doing a project/business like this please get in touch. Thank you Brad :)
  3. the self made nerd

    tricks politicians use

    Every wonder why all politicians seem to lie, deceit, and can speak for hours without saying anything? well find out by watching
  4. the self made nerd

    new video in the series

    Posted a series for The 48 Laws Of Power By Robert Greene. Each Law will have its own videos and new videos will go up every Thursday and Sunday. If you like what you see be sure to subscribe so u dont miss out!!
  5. ChrisLegend

    Other Self Development Channel Looking For People Who Want To Create A Powerful "Motivational Family"

    Hey there peeps! I'm looking for other motivational/inspirational channels that are centered around self-development that want to collab with each other and then proceed to make a "Motivational Family/Community" where we all promote eachother and raise each other up until we are literally at the...
  6. Alpha Living

    Any tips for growing a self-development channel?

    Hi everyone, I am fairly new to YouTube and I have a self development channel where I help, inspire, and motivate people to dominate their path to success, in regards to all aspects of their life. However, I don't see that many new channels out there focussing on self-development, they are...