Balancing YouTube with life

I can find it difficult sometimes, I usually have to do most of my editing and filming in the early hours of the morning due to work and social commitments. It can be a burning the candle at both ends scenario, however, because I enjoy it, I like spending the time doing it. It isn't always as full on purely depends on how much work and other commitments I have and the amount of effort required per video.

I want to put a schedule in if possible, set some time aside on certain evenings to it is more structured and will hopefully result in less later night / early mornings... I am a gluten for punishment though so I imagine my late nights will continue haha.
Hey, I just got back into making videos and stuff because It's fun for me, but it's a pretty time-consuming activity because I normally do a lot of editing in my videos. Basically, I was wondering how some people manage Youtube and work, or Youtube and school. By school I mean college, high school doesn't count. High school is easy, trust me.
Yeah I’m currently having the same struggles. I go school for cosmetology and I also have to work at the salon as well as going to school to learn cosmetology. I got to school almost 40 hours a week and that’s not including when I have to work on the floor.
When I get home at 5:00 I have to go study because we have really important test each week that’s a huge part of my grade.

I usually film my videos on the weekends but the pay two weekends I haven’t had time, but I’m going to try to film some after school since I have a ring light, soft box and umbrella lights that should be enough lighting lol. But pretty soon I will have to be working on the weekends so I’m going to have try rearrange another schedule after that lol
School really filled lot of our time tho with assignment, group work and stuff, the main tip is, try to finish your works in time and not dragging it. Do youtube thing only at time/day that you're know you're really free so that youtube wont disturb your work and vice versa. Cheers from a college student that havent got enough sleep :)
yeah, .... we have to balance the virtual world with the real world. but I can have real life from cyberspace ... if possible it is delicious but it needs a process so that our work is recognized by others.
I recently decided to get back into the YouTube scene after a long hiatus and re-ignite an old channel I've been wanting to upload for quite some time. However, as an Economics major, university takes up a lot of my time, so I only upload during semester breaks - when my focus isn't darting in different directions and a lovely thing called exams aren't looming over my head.

If you're ever taken microeconomics: by focusing on my studies, I've taken the opportunity cost of doing YouTube. Good stuff. :p Cheers.
Youtube and Life is certainly hard to balance. For me time management and video priority help me keep it under control.

For example: Some videos do not take as long as others to edit, render and upload. These you could do and schedule them in advance to keep your audience coming back. The ones that do take 5-20 hours to make you could finish about 1-2 a month depending on work, college, life, etc.

I'll spend a week filming content for videos. Then the next week within the same spare time I'll focus on nothing but editing and uploading within the same day. Some times I'll stay up later in the night to finish the editing once everyone goes to bed. Then I'll let it render itself out while I am sleeping. Since I tend to wake up every 2-3 hours in the middle of the night I'll get up and turn my computer off before my time is up in the sleeping department of my day.

On a busy day my time will look more like this.
6am - 7am (breakfast, Youtube). 8am - 4pm (Work). 4pm - 8pm (Martial Arts/Gym). 9pm - 11pm (Video editing, dinner, show, etc).

But we always have parts of days off or an entire day from work and other activities. Just whatever you need to do to manage that time and what has higher priority is essential to doing both. Best of luck.
If you take a look at people around you, you'll notice that even if they don't do YouTube they spend a lot of hours on what interests them. Some read books, some watch TV, some are gamers, some are gym rats, some are out parting five days a week, some goes fishing every week end etc etc. A lot of them are probably doing a mix of thees things and many other. My bet is that a lot of people you know spend 20 - 60 hours each week with stuff like this and other hobbies. If YouTube is your hobby this is the the time or at least some of it that you should use for creating videos. No matter how much you work or study you should have some spare time

A great thing with YouTube is the scheduling function, it allows you to schedule videos for the future. Whenever you have a bit of extra spare time you can prerecord videos that will get released that week when you are studding 24/7 for the exam or during that time of the months when there is a lot of extra hours at work. My self I always try to put in some extra time and effort creating content in advanced when I know I will have limited possibilities to create in the near future.
It's tough. I have a soon to be 2 year old and I try to make sure I spend as much time with her and my wife while they are awake. I normally spend the 2-3 hours on Saturday and Sunday when my daughter naps to film and edit videos. Most the time I edit after my wife falls asleep, however, when they are both asleep it's hard for me to film and it's normally late at night which most things I film need more light than that or I need to be outside. I just try to do the best I can and if a company sends me a product to review I make sure it's priority and my wife understands.
Hey, I just got back into making videos and stuff because It's fun for me, but it's a pretty time-consuming activity because I normally do a lot of editing in my videos. Basically, I was wondering how some people manage Youtube and work, or Youtube and school. By school I mean college, high school doesn't count. High school is easy, trust me.

I work full time, married, mortgage all the typical mid life stuff lol. Its pretty easy for me to balance youtube and life. keeping a scheduled upload def helps in case something comes up. But I just do youtube as a hobby because I like watching myself dirtbike and the places ive been I might be a little lucky with this sport because filming comes naturally. Actually I even did it in College as well when I was offroading, except I never posted it on YT lol. Only difference now is, a little more editing, more cameras / drone and voice over/mic.

Im not trying to make youtube my career nor would I ever think ill make a dime off of youtube lol. so I take it as fun so I dont care about views and subs and all that...I mean if it happens it happens.

I guess I am able to do it after I get out of work as a "hobby" so instead of watching TV or playing 5 hours of video games, I take 3 hours to video edit and put my clips together. Usually thursday Fri and Sat I go out to film dirtbike trails...but a tip is try to cover different subjects and something easy quick to do in case I dont have time or just dont feel like putting a clip together or if it snows.

So say I go out riding tomorrow, I make 3 or 4 different topics like
1- exploring trails
2 - random encounters
3 - opinions of "a bike"