Loving YTtalk
I don't know about you fellow youtubers out there, but I have a full time job on top of trying to upload daily videos on YouTube.


I would love more than anything just to do youtube but I have definitely not advanced enough to feel comfortable doing that. I'm trying though!

So... How do you balance work and youtube?

Do you have a day where you record videos and schedule them for the rest of the week?

Or do you come home from work and work on a video/upload it that night?
Im in the same boat as you..just don't post daily videos lol Believe me, you will feel so much better if you just don't do the daily. Try like 2 times a week, 3 times at most. Find a day to record, a day to upload and share, then take a day off cuz you need it.
Also have a full time job, 9 AM to 5:30 PM. I started with one video a day, now I'm doing 2 videos a day. It is quite challenging, but that challenge and pressure in a way help me develop my skills and be more proactive, waste less time. I was sure I could not do 2 videos a day, given that recording gameplay usually takes one hour, editing takes anywhere from 1-2 hours, and then comes marketing/networking as well as tend to family/friends/girlfriend. But it can be balanced, and with time, you learn how to become more efficient.
Even when you do not upload daily it can be a problem. I am a commuter student (it takes me about one hour and a half if not more to travel to and from university) so when I get home I am drained of every enegry, especially if I have lesson in the afternoon (just for reference, if I have lessons until 4pm I arrive home at 6pm), and my videos are just not pick up and record, there's the process of scripting, gathering footage, recording voiceover and then blend them together. In fact it was hard to keep a schedule, even of once every two weeks. So the solution I eventually picked up is "You can't be late on schedule if you don't have any". It's a drastic solution, but it lets me work on videos with the right amount of involvement and not just to "meet the date".

On the topic of "video days" I am starting to experiment dedicating a day of the week to video making, now that I am on holiday. If I study the other days of the week I should be able to mantain a decent balance between university and this hobby.
I havent had practical exerience yet but I am prwparing myself for when I start to work in august. I now have a month worth of videos scheduled to go and mske my content for the month ahead giving me enough time not to mess up my consistenty. I hope this works out when I start out be I try and think about it like any other hobby. This being my only Hobby I sure it will work out
I go to the the gym then do a full time job thats 90 percent physical with sleeping problems. So since I'm tired during the week on Fridays I record all my gameplays then on Saturdays I edit what I can for now and do the rest later while uploading during the weekdays.
I am trying to upload daily weekdays and so far it worked by editing 2 - 3 videos a day when i am free or have time to spare :) same with recording I try to record 2 - 5h of footage a day in order to have all videos for the week :)
There is no balance, there is only YouTube ! ONLY YOUTUBE!!!

For me I just write, record and edit as I go when I have free time until a video is done. I have a list of 100 ideas so I just take a timely one when I'm ready for a new video.

I can work on them during my commute and breaks. So I'm luckier than most
We film once a week, and next year we start high school which means a lot more work, and less free time, so we are hoping things work out for us. Currently, we are very dedicated, and film our video every Monday afternoon, which then is uploaded the following Monday.

Hope we helped,
Julia and Claire