Sup guys, my name is TravJamHunt but not really. It's travis. I have 103subs and just recently finished taking a break from youtube and would like to collab with anyone on a few of my favorite games. I play
Rocket League
Cards Against Humanity
Shell Shock Live
Who's Your Daddy

I'm looking for anyone who wants to play. Doesn't matter how often you upload or how many subs you have. The point is to have fun and make some friends. Subs come later. My steam and YouTube and twitter and Instagram and Skype (maybe) are TravJamHunt. I curse and am kinda inappropriate at times. I'm 19 almost 20 and am from Salt Lake City Utah. Please hit me up if you want to collab. THx
Hey dude me and my friend would like to collab with you. We play cards against humanity all the time and some others like golf with your friends, left for dead 2, gmod, etc. Hope to hear back from you.