Anyone creating "paid content"?

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I'm curious if anyone is using/tried "Paid Content" - making videos available only for paying viewers.
I'm equally curious if you, or anyone you know has ever/would ever pay for content on Youtube.

We are thinking about making our episodes available only to 'paid' viewers, for like $1 - but with our relatively small subscriber count I'm worried that if we did nobody would ever watch.
I've never tried it, but I recommend waiting until you have bigger audience and when you do so make sure the exclusive footage are worth the money you're getting paid because the last thing you want is followers unsubscribing because they think you're in it for the wrong reasons (money). Good luck and keep us posted!

Not a destination for paid content?? How about YouTube Red, YouTube Music and YouTube TV?

That said, is the OP aware of the following things regarding the Paid Content creator threshold...

If you want to simply do the individual and occasional rent to watch it is fine. However, if you want viewers to subscribe to your channel for a monthly fee it is recommended a new channel be set up as all previous subscribers will be removed from the area upon your channel being switched for just this purpose.