paid content

  1. Derrick Toys

    Youtube Kids REMOVE Paid Placements

    Wondering if YouTube removes videos with name brand logo on clothing?
  2. The NotARubicon!

    Anyone creating "paid content"?

    I'm curious if anyone is using/tried "Paid Content" - making videos available only for paying viewers. I'm equally curious if you, or anyone you know has ever/would ever pay for content on Youtube. We are thinking about making our episodes available only to 'paid' viewers, for like $1 - but...
  3. SeanFace101

    Does Google Pay Well?

    My channel / account has the monetizing video not allowed so i was wondering how well they actually pay channel owners for the ads they display on their videos? :P Got me wondering how much i could have earned. :P Also, would you say Google pays better than other services that pay you to...
  4. SeanFace101

    Ever got your "Red" Changed to "Good Standing"?

    Has anyone here ever managed to get their Bad Standing change to Good Standing for any of the following features for their channel / account? Monetisation, Paid Content and/or Fan Funding? :P