A timer built in to Youtube

I remember back in the day we had this thing, it was called, "That's enough". Parents worldwide utilized this effective tool, often integrating currently available optional activities such as, "...go outside" or "...do your homework". Should the directive not be followed, a power down sequence would commence, with the audible warning, "Don't make me come over there and turn that off". However, being kids, we did in fact find a short term bypass, the original cheat code, "awww, five more minutes!"
If I'm not wrong, such a feature already exists in the "Youtube Kids" App. Just search in the app settings after you've installed it.

The kids use mainly PC/notebook so I should rather look for some PC programs. But thanks for the info. :)
Thanks for the feedback! I am just wandering if anyone can give me the link to the real YouTube forums, as that is what I thought this was...
Also, can someone please give me the link to one of these programs that work to either block or shutdown YouTube? The only barrier in the way of kids obeying it is simply the one buried into their mind and their desires... they just have to think what will really help them.
Great idea, but it could have an adverse effect on those very kids channels, like killing session time.

I don't think he cares. He remarked that he lied about his age as he thought you had to be 18+ to join this forum, which means he's probably 15ish? I'm not guessing a teenager is concerned about YouTube session times as they relate to a creators channel analytics. Especially considering his idea seems to revolve more around the end user/time management. Maybe a school project he's working on?

LimeyTime, the closest your going to get to an "Official YouTube Forum" is the Google product forums. Address should look something like:
www productforums google com /forum /#!forum /YouTube
I feel the concept is good, kinda like a parental control, however, I feel like this wouldn't be added to YouTube. There are controls on the computer you can put to stop the kid from using features within the computer, you can even setup how long the kids have internet access while at home nowadays most wifi routers have these controls where they internet is one from 3 pm - 9 pm for example then the internet gets turned off via the router and the kid would have no choice but to get off or do something else on the computer that doesn't require internet access.