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Redrum Skeletons

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Jul 19, 2016
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Phoenix, AZ
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So, we at Redrum Skeletons just started out on this youtube thing and we have big plans for a future in this community. We can only hope it turns out well. There was a status check thingy on this forum that we're going to give a shot, hoping to one day look back at it all nostalgia-like and stuff.

YouTube Channel: Redrum Skeletons
First Upload : July 2nd, 2016
Total Videos: 35
Total views: 301
Total subscribers: 7
Most viewed video: Life is Redrum: Episode 1 "Bigger Than Texas"
Views for that video: 50
Personal favourite video: Red Space: Episode 2 "Just Venting"
Views for that video: 25
Why I like it : I enjoy one of the jokes made on that episode, one that inspired the name of the episode.