Music 24/7 Music live stream (help needed)

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So, 24/7 music live streams/radio stations on YouTube seem to be popular, so decided i'll have a shot at it. I'm in the process of finding music & saving it. But I need help... its hard to find Copyright Free Music on YouTube that's "good". I've probably just not looked hard enough.

By the way, the main genres of music i'm looking for are:
  • EDM
  • House
  • Future House
  • Underground Diverse
  • Remixes
Now, it doesn't have to be from YouTube, music from other websites are just fine.

Second, i thought it would be cool to have mash-ups playing hourly from 9.00 AM - 3.00 PM, so if your a DJ or make mash-ups it would be cool if you could do some for this. And yes, you will be credited.

You could check out this channel as well as many other channels on youtube.

The website is