youtube success

  1. petehawkmusic

    Grow a Successful YouTube Channel - Positive Affirmations

    Hi guys, This is a video I made of positive affirmations under a sound bed of ocean waves. There's a theta wave binaural beat that runs throughout the video to synchronize both brain hemispheres so that the mind is more receptive to the messages. They are all listed in the video's description...
  2. TheFreshBiz

    I am ONE HIT AWAY!

    I was recently talking to one of my fellow youtubers and I have come to the conclusion that I am honestly one hit video away from making it on YouTube. Subscribers, Product sponsors, and friends always tell me that I have great content and they are surprised that I don't have a larger audience...
  3. AnayaNation

    Where Do We see YouTube in 5 years?

    Hello Everyone, I would like everyone to voice their opinion and project where they see YouTube in the next five years? YouTube has taken off and it seems like everyone from kids to adults have channels and some with multiple channels...In the next five years how hard will it be to be...
  4. FunWithTheBugs

    If YouTube Shutdown Today Would You Tell People You Had a Successful Channel?

    If your channel was shutdown today would you say you had a successful YouTube channel. What would you base it on to measure it as successful. If not, where would you need to be the day it stopped for you to consider it successful.
  5. Toast Gaming

    At What Point Did You Or At Would Point Would You Consider Your Channel Successful?

    How do you measure the success of your channel? At what point did you consider your channel successful (be it subscribers, watch time, views, etc...) or at what would you need to hit in order for you to feel that your channel is successful? By what metric do you measure yourself and your...
  6. Little World View

    How do you measure an initial video success - 400 views and 3 subs within 24 hours

    I uploaded my first video yesterday and within 24 hours got a little over 400 views, 3 subs, 7 likes, 2 dislikes and 3 comments. I dont have really any experience to know if I should feel happy about these results or not :S How do you measure the success of a video you upload?