youtube partner program

  1. E

    Does Fake Engagement Affect Monetization?

    Hi Guys, I once engaged in view4view but then I realized it wasn’t legit and I deleted affected videos. However, view4view is still shown as one of the external sources in analytics even though the videos have been removed. My question is, will the bad record affect my application for YouTube...
  2. K

    YouTube's New Video Monetization "Self Certification Program"

    Hi Everyone! This is something I heard about last year from the Creator Insider channel, but I've just now noticed it's been posted in the YouTube Support section! YouTube is creating a new thing called the "Self Certification Program," where creators can fill out a questionnaire to tell...
  3. BigBryanGames

    Begging YouTube to not take away my monetization

    I made a (hopefully) funny satire on YouTube taking away monetization from us smaller youtubers.
  4. A

    YouTube deactivated Monetization that I never wanted in the first place

    Hello, few days ago I activated monetization and created an Adsense account by mistake. Thanks to that, I couldn't join a Network because I was already Partner with the Youtube Partnership Program. I immediately disabled monetization, including all ads, this even before monetization was approved...
  5. O

    New youtubers who tries to make money will face a hard time :(

    If you're a new youtuber who is trying to make money there is bad news. According to Andy Slye youtube made a policy change last week so from now on you cannot earn money from video ads if your channel has less than 10,000 total views. Its likely that more changes like this could possibly...
  6. G-Legend

    Giving yourself watch time to rank better in search?

    So I was telling my friend, who also happens to be a youtuber, that I was experiencing slow growth on the platform and that I needed to rank better in search. So then he went on to tell me that what he's started to do is log out of his youtube account, mask/change his IP address (I guess youtube...
  7. zaffron

    Question on Terms of YouTube Partner Program

    hi guys i have a legal question about monetization on Youtube. i have read the Terms of YouTube Partner Program and i find my self stuck at the first item. quote from the terms: "Monetization Revenues. YouTube will pay you as follows: Advertising Revenues. YouTube will pay you 55% of net...